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MUSINGS /ˈmyo͞oziNG/ a period of reflection or thought.

As a part of my family’s Christmas celebration, I integrated a gift that will “hopefully” stimulate each member to assemble their actions around a single WORD, as they move through the year. My word - MINDFULNESS. For me, this is a pursuit - I want to be more mindful. Mindful of the world around me, of the things I do, of the people I impact. I want to be fully present. So often, I fail at this and charge it to my womanly powers of multi-tasking. Over the years, the result is more like - a lot of unfinished projects, good but not executed ideas and rushed delivery. Now, I’m wrangling this part of myself into submission. Check out my blog for more about my MINDFULNESS journey.



I am indeed a Southern girl. I was born in South Carolina and currently reside in North Carolina - exactly a four hour drive door to door. I still visit the same home I grew up in, on the same land my great-grandfather secured for his heirs, whose own mother escaped from slavery - my roots go deep in the South.

When I hear the saying, “I am the hope and the dream of the slave,” it gives me chills because I embrace that reality. So everyday is the/a PRESENT (gift) and I know it comes to me from those that survived and toiled in conditions that did not resemble my own comforts.

I appreciate all the people, places and things that have made me who I am - really! Maybe it’s the result of being an only child. If I’ve had the pleasure of developing a relationship with you, then you are probably family. Family is a central part of my life - immediate family and my self-created family.

Officially, I am a forty-six year old college graduate, wife to one, mom of three boys, daughter, sorority sister and friend.



The majority of my career has been spent as a technology marketer in a location filled with talented, educated individuals dedicated to the same pursuit. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot of lessons, some without the benefit of a job at the end, contributed to product launches that are still a critical part of the average technologiests’ toolbox and juggled raising a few kids along the way.

As a Girl Raised In the South, by a host of great women and men, I am reflecting and sharing what it means to be an I.T. girl and an IT girl in a space that I’m defining along the way.

This medium provides a spot to share the thoughts swirling in my head (MUSINGS), put a spotlight on other women who embrace the values of GRITS and let you know where I’ll be so I can meet a new friend. In the meantime, in between time, you can use any of the buttons below to stay in contact.

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