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Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment

I want to elevate my existence so I can focus my awareness on a single moment/action/person. Completion of an action without mistakes, full engagement so that the person in front of me knows that I am really dialed-into what they have to say - I want mindfulness to give me more so I can do/be more.

  • When my son comes in the room and says “mom”…I want to stop typing on my computer or scrolling on Facebook. Instead, I want to stare in his eyes and give him my undivided attention

  • I want to remember to put away the seafood I thawed-out, instead of going to sleep too hungry and tired to cook it or put it back in the fridge

  • When my husband calls and asks me to do something, I want to do it instead of trying to juggle the other things that are not equally as important as his request

I just want to be present - fully. I always need the abridged version of everything because so much more is waiting. According to the sample of 10-Minute Mindfulness I listened to on, some of this is attributed to “unconscious living.” It offers practical tips which I will be employing all year long, in the hope that it sticks. Check out my website and while you’re there, let me know your word for 2019. #moremindfulness